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This is simple route planner, which since beta1 of ED has seen several iterations, switching the sources from where it got its data. A special thanks should go to Athan, whos original manually calculated star list kicked this off.

The jump calculation currently is an A* implementation, which should be able to provide quite good possible routes.

Please read: This is missing a lot of systems. This means there will be systems you don't find a route to, and not all routes will the best option available in-game, they are just the best option based on the known data. If you want to help to improve the data available, head over to EDSC, which is a community effort in crowd sourcing star locations, and is imported to this route planner regulary.

Bug Reports: if you find a bug, please submit a bug report here

Donations: I'm privately running this website, and i decided not to throw tons of advertising at you when using it. However, the whole setup has a cost of a few hundred euros a year - if you want to help with that financial burden, feel free to donate a few bucks:

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