Best warframe mods to upgrade beginner’s guide

Best warframe mods to upgrade beginner’s guide

In this post, we are going to discuss the best warframe mods for beginners. You must think the mods as your RPG “gear” in Warframe as it has the highest impact on your loadout effectiveness. However, modding is not a kind of straightforward process, so we will be discussing how to approach modding for the best results.

How Can I Mod My Equipment?

You can mod any of your Warframe, weapons, companions, or arch wings inside the arsenal. All you need to do is hover over the piece of equipment you are interested in modding and click on the “Upgrade” button next to it. This will take you to the Modding screen for that part of your loadout.

Every warframe, weapons, companion, or Archwing has access to 3 different configurations of mods. This is memorized individually, meaning you can save different configurations on every single weapon and warframe you have.

What are Mods and How Do They Work?

Mods are items you can attach to your equipment to provide them with extra bonus power.

For example, Khora builds can be modded and is a very good companion. The mods can increase its weapon damage and decrease the energy cost of your abilities. Let’s get into the basic mods so you can understand how they work.

  • Polarity
  • Capacity
  • Name
  • Effect
  • Rank
  • Item

1. Polarity:

Polarity change how much capacity the mod will take in a slot on a piece of equipment. If the mod has the same polarity as the mod slot, it will cost 50% less capacity. If the slot has no polarity, it will remain the same.

2. Capacity:

It is a number which represents how much “Space” the mod will take up on a piece of equipment. The game has limited capacity for mods, so higher capacity mods will leave less space for other mods.

3. Name:

It is provided for a specific mod by the developers.

4. Effect:

It is a kind of bonus or upgrades that the mod provides to the equipment when attached.

5. Rank:

Rank is how far the mod has been leveled through a process known as Fusion. Higher ranked mods provide stronger effects, but it cost more capacity. Most of the mods max at rank 5, but some at more than rank 10.

6. Item:

Item is known for equipment, the mod is limited to. In this case, you can equip serration to any primary weapon aside from Shotguns.


IWe are finally all done with the introduction for Beginner’s guide for upgrading your mod. If you have any doubts regarding upgrading your mods, feel free to leave a comment below.

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